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The design of our floor mat depicts the story of Urashima Tarō, the protagonist of one of Japan's most famous fairytale story.

Urashima Tarō was a young fisherman that saved a little turtle and in return was gifted the opportunity to see the Emperor of the Sea, Ryujin.

He spent three days with Ryujin and forgot the life he had. A few days later he suddenly remembered his old mother and the village. So he decided to return home from the Palace. The princess gave him a Tamate-Bako (jeweled hand box) as a souvenir.

Upon returning to the village, he realised that everything was gone and that almost 300 years had passed. He opened the box and saw himself, old and aged with white hair.

If you'd like to learn more about this story, you should definitely check out "Urashima Taro – Japanese Folktale" 

All of our floor mats are made with high quality cotton combined with polyester and printed with max resolution. They are lined with thick black stitched edgings to prevent fraying and deterioration.

Product Specifications:

Floor mats come in pairs!

70 x 45cm 

Universal Fit

High resolution print on cotton & polyester

Lined with Black stitched Edging


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