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The Clash of Gods depicts two great Japanese God's fighting against one-another to conquer the world. The design itself perfectly captures the unique essence of Japanese Folklore with a unique twist.

The God of Lightning also known as Raijin or Kaminari-sama and Raiden-sama, is the Japanese god of thunder, light and storms. He is one of the most feared deities of Japanese culture.

He’s often represented with an expression of the face which allows to release all his truculence. Like the Norse god Thor, he’s armed with hammers with which he knocks on drums to create the sound of lightning.

Ryujin (aka Ryu-o) is the dragon king, sea god, and master of serpents in Japanese mythology. 

Ryujin is a protagonist in several Japanese myths but, reflecting the fickle nature of the sea, he can be either a sinister force or a kindly ruler who helps heroes in distress. 

The design showcases both Ryujin erupting from a famous wave known as The Great Wave off Kanagawa as he clashes with Raijin in the clouds.

All of our floor mats are made with high quality cotton combined with polyester and printed with max resolution. They are lined with thick black stitched edgings to prevent fraying and deterioration.

Product Specifications:

Floor mats come in pairs!

70 x 45cm 

Universal Fit

High resolution print on cotton & polyester

Lined with Black stitched Edging

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